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What Is the Difference Between Positional Leadership and Inspirational Leadership?

There is more to being a leader than getting a promotion.

Your Mission:

If your mission is to become the rare kind of leader who inspires, guides, and is a successful and trusted advisor whose followers benefit and grow from their experience with you, all while you grow your ideal career in the process, then you are aspiring to become an exceptional leader.

My name is Lynne Snead. I am the founder of Talent Evolution Systems. I help leaders become trusted, exceptional leaders. I’ve been called the coach with the data.


My Mission:


I am a personal coach, trainer, and advisor to those who aspire to become exceptional leaders. This is the work I have been called to do for over twenty years. I have the experience and training, powerful systems, highly validated assessment tools, and study guides, all designed to coach and assist you in the process. You do not need to learn leadership excellence the hard way, and you don’t need to pave your way alone.

There is a leadership crisis occurring. Where we are headed doesn’t look good. Do you feel like you were thrown into the organizational deep end to learn to swim on your own? Have you discovered that your organization is not helping you learn what you need to know about being a good leader, let alone an exceptional one?

If you believe it matters to make a positive difference as a leader, please read on.

  • Exceptional Leadership: It sounds like a simple idea. So, why is it so rare?
  • Employees commonly refer to their places of employment as ‘Workplace Hell.’
  • The number one reason an employee leaves a place of employment? A bad boss!
  • What’s the number two reason? Employees don’t find a meaningful connection between their skills and their work.

If this were easy, there wouldn’t be so many bad bosses! So, what’s the problem?

It isn’t four things, five things, seven things, 12 things, 21 things (although all of those hint at a few of my favorite leadership books). It’s dozens, probably hundreds of things, and none of us will ever be good at all of them. If we are leaders, we have probably been both the good boss and the bad boss at one time or another. I know that has been true for me in my career.


It’s what we don’t know that keeps us from being great leaders – how to:

  • Make the leap from individual contributor to a leader of others.
  • Avoid the #1 pitfall that trashes most leaders’ success moments after the promotion – leadership arrogance.
  • Understand and relate the mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • Know your strengths and build upon them.
  • Know and mitigate your liabilities.
  • Build emotional and relationship intelligence (EQ/RQ) skills.
  • Build your team around their strengths and liabilities.
  • Set clear priorities with reasonable expectations.
  • Pick the right people for projects.
  • Establish clear accountabilities.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Manage time and workload.
  • Set up effective systems.
  • Expertly manage projects.
  • Avoid unnecessary changes that interfere with work completion.
  • Influence and work constructively with others.
  • Treat others respectfully, inspire, guide, coach, hold a team accountable for results, and help them to be the best they can be.

Culture matters. People matter. The work matters.

If you are a leader, can you answer these questions?

  • Do you know your top 10 personal, leadership, and productivity competencies?
  • How fully are you utilizing them?
  • Does your boss know what they are?
  • Do your strengths match those most required by your current position?
  • What about future positions you aspire to?
  • How strong are your strengths compared to other leaders?
  • Which strengths, if developed and utilized more fully, could make a significant difference in your career and success as a leader?
  • What are your few career-limiting liabilities that could derail your career? Everyone has them. Want to know what they are and how to neutralize them?
  • Do you know which set of competencies (that can be learned) results in leaders that earn—on average—$29,000 more per year than leaders without those traits?
  • Do you know which set of competencies is present in 90% of top performers?
  • Do you know how to recognize, utilize, and more fully coach and develop the skills of each member of your team?
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Talent analytics helps answer these questions.

Where are you now, and where would you like to be?

What if you had private, completely personalized, data-driven, professional help at answering these questions, developing competencies, and mitigating liabilities? How much farther could you go in your career? What would that be worth? How would it feel to know you weren’t in this alone?

Talent Analytics has evolved far beyond the days of early assessments that provided insights into people and personalities. With highly validated, multiple-science analytics, it’s now possible to select the measures that are most important to your leadership development.

We can put a program together that helps you see—accurately—where are you now and create a plan for where you want to be and, together, work on getting you there.
If you are interested in being the rare leader who is a trusted advisor, then you are in the right place. I promise you that I can be of significant assistance to you in the process.

It’s time to put the focus on developing yourself and your career and on becoming the kind of leader that makes a positive difference in the lives of others, as well as in the organizations you serve.

Talent Analytics

Take a deeper dive into the highly validated science combinations used for an accurate assessment of current talent. Accurate data is essential to know your starting point and how to build a clear map to your future goals.



Explore the measures used specifically for leadership development coaching and the leadership evolution process to help move you to your goals.

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