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Lynne Snead
Lynne SneadFounder
Lynne is the founder of Talent Evolution Systems. She is a behavioral and axiological analyst, consultant, author, training specialist, speaker, and coach. With a background in Educational Psychology, she specialized in organizational performance and development for over twenty years.

Lynne is the founder of Talent Evolution Systems. She is a behavioral and axiological analyst, consultant, author, training specialist, speaker, and coach. With a background in Educational Psychology, she specialized in organizational performance and development for over twenty years. She has been a talent analyst and corporate coach for over fifteen years. Talent analytics scientifically measures dozens of business-related factors predictive of job performance, fit, and success. These are proven systems, legal for employee selection and development, that measure success factors that do not show up on resumes or in interviews. The results immediately improve employee selection and development, with significant bottom line impact for client companies.

As a twenty-year employee and Vice President of FranklinCovey Company, Lynne was program author and developer of FranklinCovey’s Project Management training programs. She led FranklinCovey’s Project Management consulting group and authored To Do, Doing, Done—A Creative Approach to Project Management and Effectively Finishing What Matters Most, along with co-author Joyce Wycoff, (Simon and Schuster, 1997), and The Project Management Scorecard, co-authored with Jack Phillips and Tim Bothel, (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001).

Lynne has worked closely with some of the great leaders in the world of personal, professional, and organizational development, including:

  • Hyrum Smith and Dick Winwood, founders of Franklin Institute and FranklinQuest and creators of the Franklin Day Planner.
  • Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust.

After her FranklinCovey years, Lynne:

  • Obtained a graduate degree in Corporate Coaching.
  • Founded her first business, Insight Systems Consulting, which evolved into the current Talent Evolution Solutions (2006) (www.talentevolutionsystems.com).

She is a:

  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst.
  • Certified Professional Values Analyst.
  • Certified Emotional Quotient Analyst.
  • Certified Professional TriMetrix Systems Analyst.
  • Advanced Axiological Analyst (personally certified by Dr. David Mefford and Vera Mefford).

Lynne is one of a handful of consultants in the world who is certified in this combination of highly validated, selection and leadership development tools and systems.

Lynne studied axiology for several years, with the esteemed, late, Dr. David Mefford, and Vera Mefford, at the Hartman Institute, University of Tennessee. Dr. Mefford was a graduate student of Dr. Robert S. Hartman, the creator of the value science of Axiology and the Hartman Value Profile. Target Training International (Phoenix, AZ.) has further developed the Hartman Profile into one of the most highly validated assessments for selection and development in the world today. Refer to www.talentevolutionsolutions.com to read their endorsement and www.ttisuccessinsights.com/ products to see examples of the sciences and tools Lynne can offer for selection, skill and leadership development.

Lynne’s mission, is to help organizations create high-performance and high EQ work cultures that become talent magnets. Successful selection and on-boarding of potential top performers, high EQ leadership, and sound business skills and practices, are essential elements. It starts one leader, one team, one new-hire at a time, but in time, a culture can change. She is guided by a quote from Peter Drucker, “Your culture eats your strategy for breakfast.”

The data tells the story of the problems that currently cost organizations millions of dollars a year:

  • 80 percent of turnover is due to poor hiring decisions (poor fit).
  • The cost of a single bad hire can cost five times the salary and benefits of the position (SHRM).
  • Less than 30 percent of the workforce is actively engaged in their work, and 18 percent are actively disengaged, meaning, working to sabotage your organization’s success (Gallup)!
  • The number one reason an employee leaves a job is a bad boss (Gallup)!
  • High EQ is 90 percent of leader success and increased performance, (Goleman).
  • Traditional hiring processes (resume and interview) are known for less than 15 percent success beyond 18 months (University of Michigan).
  • Multiple-science talent analytics systems can take hiring success upwards of 90 percent (TTI Success Insights).

The answer to these issues lies in the realm of talent analytics. The right employee in the right job is a worker who will be engaged, if they are working for a high EQ boss, in a culture of sound business and people practices. A culture of continuous and measurable performance improvement creates a systemic solution to developing successful leaders, teams, and organizations.

TTI selection assessments comply with EEOC and OFCCP requirements and are available in 40 languages in more than 90 countries. Multiple-science assessments measure, rank, and compare to mean scores over 60 key success factors used for selection and development. Together they show that the right factors are in place for the job. There are numerous combinations of sciences and report versions to meet the needs of any business. Five sciences can be used separately or combined to measure:

  • 12 Behavioral Factors—essential for the right job fit.
  • 12 Motivational Factors—essential for long-term engagement and job fit.
  • 25 Business-Related Competencies—demonstrating key strengths and challenges.
  • 6 Dimensions of Balance (SelfView and WorldView)—essential for critical thinking, decision making, and interpersonal interactions (essential before hiring or leadership promotions, and the foundation for leadership development coaching.
  • 5 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Factors used after hiring—essential before leadership promotions and the foundation for EQ training and coaching.
  • Optional Job Benchmark to analyze the job needs, free of bias, for talent comparisons.

The data helps leaders understand their team members, utilize strengths, mitigate liabilities, and create a foundation of continuous, measurable performance improvement. The training helps team members understand themselves and each other, and how to work and communicate more effectively.

This is not a “quick fix” methodology, (although improved hiring results are virtually instant and sometimes all that is needed within a strong culture). It’s evolution, not revolution. It requires engagement on the part of the organization’s senior leaders. The ROI is significant—far less than the cost of a few bad hires. Solution packages are customized to exactly meet the unique needs of Lynne’s clients.

Lynne is happy to answer questions and provide a demonstration of selection and development possibilities within your organization. For brave key decision makers, she is happy to run a multiscience assessment and provide web-based debriefings. The result? You will know more than ever before about your professional strengths and liabilities. Then she’ll explain why that’s a good thing and what to do with that critical information. That’s where the journey begins.

Start the journey, see the samples. Call or email Lynne directly.

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