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"Every successful athlete has a coach. So should every leader. The untold secret is that great leaders have coaches.  If you're reflecting upon the leader you could be, Talent Evolution Systems will help you get there. 


Lynne mixes 25+ years of training, consulting, coaching, behavior analytics, and her years at FranklinCovey, to turn the possible into the probable.  You'll find skills you didn't know you had, to mix with new skills to accelerate your success.


Many parade themselves as coaches.  To eliminate the pretenders, interview your future coach. Ask them what analytics they use to assess business competencies, behaviors, and motivational factors.  Ask them how they measure and think about emotional intelligence.  What is their system to serve as a compass, to hold you accountable, and ultimately develop new habits?  Finally, rate them on their personal commitment and empathy.


If you do not get excellent results to the questions above, choose Talent Evolution Systems.  You'll immediately be acting upon your personal mission, values, and goals, and solving business problems with a new lens. 


This is the first and only recommendation I've written for a Leadership Development Coach.  One session and I guarantee you'll be back. 


Al Martin

Senior IBM Executive

I am a proud TTI Success Insights assessment specialist for over 15 years, a behavioral and axiological analyst, (that means I can help you understand your strengths and challenges). I am actually one of only a few coaches certified in advanced axiology who also had a twenty-year career as a project management consultant. Let me show you what that could mean to you in your career and life.