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My mission is to be a personal advisor, coach, and trainer to those who aspire to become exceptional leaders. I am the founder of Talent Evolution Systems for small organizations.

I am a behavioral and axiological analyst, consultant, author, trainer, speaker, and coach. With a background in educational psychology, I specialized in organizational performance and development for over twenty years. I have been a talent analyst and leadership development coach for over fifteen years. There was some overlap there. I’m not that old.

Talent analytics scientifically measures dozens of business-related factor predictive of job performance, fit, and success. These analytic systems provide data on people and talent as crucial as business analytics are to the effective management of any business. The results show strengths and possible liabilities and lay a foundation for targeted coaching to facilitate skill development.

For the rare leader who aspires to become a high integrity mentor and coach to those they serve, this data provides a clear road map for self-development and team development.


Authored Original FranklinCovey’s Project Management Training Programs

As a twenty-year employee and vice president of FranklinCovey Company, I was the program author and developer of FranklinCovey’s Project Management training programs. I had the honor of leading the project management consulting group and authored two project management books.

Being part of FranklinCovey for twenty years gave me the privilege of working closely with some of the great leaders in the world of personal, professional, and organizational development, including:

  • Hyrum Smith and Dick Winwood, founders of the Franklin Institute (now the FranklinCovey Company) and creators of the Franklin Day Planner.
  • Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®.
  • Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust.

After my FranklinCovey years, I:

  • Obtained a graduate degree in corporate coaching.
  • Joined the team of associates with TTI Success Insights, a world leader in assessment solutions for selection and professional development.
  • Founded Talent Evolutions Systems, focusing on job benchmarking, talent selection, and leadership development.

World Leader in Assessment Solutions

As a proud partner with TTI Success Insights, a world leader in assessment solutions since 1984 (having helped over 100,000 companies with over 30 million assessments in 48 languages and a presence in 65 countries), I am a certified professional:

  • Behavioral Analyst
  • Values Analyst
  • Emotional Quotient Analyst
  • TriMetrix Systems Analyst
  • Axiological Analyst

I had the honor of studying with Dr. David and Vera Mefford for ten years and was personally certified as an advanced axiological analyst by Dr. Dave. This is the study of how people place value in different areas of life, influencing perceptions and resulting decisions and actions. It provides a powerful tool for the development of balanced skills and the recognition and management of possible blind spots.

The gift of understanding talent analytics means having the ability to observe and read people, which is essential to the art of leading people. This is data that can be utilized by leaders to understand key insights into people and their uniqueness. Performance, engagement, employee satisfaction, all create organizational culture and hinge upon leaders who can read people to lead according to talent recognition, development, and business acumen.

My guidance comes from a quote from Peter Drucker: “Your culture will eat your strategy for breakfast, every day.”

Every employee and every leader impacts the culture of a team and an organization. I know from experience how important that influence is. I am driven to share and help develop the skills that will make that a positive difference. You can do more with help than you can do on your own. Imagine, a trained and experienced partner in the process who is committed to helping you.


Another FYI:

I grew up in Arlington Virginia but visited the Rocky Mountain states when I was eighteen. I went home long enough to pack and move. I spent most of my years between Utah and Colorado, spending as much time camping, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and kayaking, usually with my awesome son and a camera, as was possible. My favorite adventures were a couple of solo kayaking trips down the Colorado River, from Fruita Colorado to Westwater Utah, three days each—twice.

The rest of my time was on airplanes, training in organizations in all fifty states and a few other countries. After a few years in California, I now celebrate life and warmth in southwest Florida with my beloved partner and our three precious dogs. I’m a primary I, secondary S on the DISC scale, with high driving forces for knowledge and receptivity. I’m driven to teach emotional and relationship intelligence to leaders and groups to enable cultures of connection and top performance.

I adore the fact that technology now enables me to do from my office what I used to have to get on an airplane to do. Zoom, Loom, Acuity, Bose, multiple Macs, and monitors all mean I never need to see snow again, but we can have a face-to-face conversation anytime we want. And I look forward to that! I can’t wait to see your profile and tell you what all that cryptic information means and how it will help you. You’ll be amazed! A user’s guide to yourself and everyone you work with (and live with).

Please visit the other information pages, then click on ‘Contact Lynne’ for a consultation phone call. Let’s talk about the possibilities!

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Lynne has provided me with such expert guidance, first when I was a member of the Information Development team at Omnicell, where she taught our department so much more about the DISC profile and its nuances, and how they are key to understanding working relationships. She also introduced us to the concept of “crucial conversations,” which has given me a much broader grasp of emotional intelligence and intelligent conversations.
- Scott Peeler
Technical Writer, Information Developer, Playwright

I am a proud TTI Success Insights assessment specialist for over 15 years, a behavioral and axiological analyst, (that means I can help you understand your strengths and challenges). I am actually one of only a few coaches certified in advanced axiology who also had a twenty-year career as a project management consultant. Let me show you what that could mean to you in your career and life.