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How would your life change, if your every word and action drew people to respect and admire your unparalleled leadership ability?

If you had a crystal clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, along with a bulletproof road map showing exactly how to leverage them?

This is exactly what Lynne Snead of Talent Evolution Systems can provide for you. Learn more below.

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Meet Lynne Snead

Lynne is the founder of Talent Evolution Systems. She is a behavioral and axiological analyst, consultant, training specialist, speaker, and coach. With a background in Educational Psychology, she has specialized in organizational performance for over twenty years.

As one of the original FranklinCovey co-authors she published two books, one of which was a bestseller that sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. She also created FranklinCovey’s signature project development process and programs.

Lynne is highly sought after as a master coach and expert in the field of talent development. Read her full bio here.

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Proven Products & Solutions

Our patented products and solutions encompass four primary areas:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Team Development
  3. Employee Engagement
  4. Talent Selection

By enhancing and optimizing your company in these areas, we can empower your organization to achieve performance and bottom-line results never before imagined.

Our products are a key tool for driving this progress in your organization. Furthermore, our products and solutions are 100% EEOC and OFCCP compliant. They have been rigorously validated over the past four decades, having been used in over 100,000 companies across the globe.

“We have observed Lynne working nothing short of miracles…”

We have known, taught, and worked directly with Lynne Snead, President of Talent Evolution Systems, over the span of close to 10 years. We have trained and certified Lynne Snead in Advanced Axiology, and many applications thereof (especially targeted values assessments), while observing her working nothing short of miracles with many of her clients. She stands out as one of our most excellent affiliates, and we would highly recommend her and the services she provides. She has proven her skill in working with people, teams, and organizations, time and time again.

Dr. Dave & Vera Medford, Members, Robert S. Hartman Institute

Lynne Snead is able to influence all levels of a company’s success with her insights in organizational development, her action oriented coaching and her experience delivering results in a wide variety of business settings. I would recommend her for any organization or person who is looking to stretch beyond the status quo. Lynne Snead has proven time and time again how to create high performance teams and organizations.

Rebecca Fine, COO, Honolulu Coffee Company

It’s been a distinct privilege to work with Lynne Snead this past year on developing our program management organization. She has a gift for being able to take in a wide variety of data and observations, cut to the heart of the matter, and then prescribe digestible, actionable steps to improve personal and organizational contribution. Her coaching style is always honest, direct, and encouraging.  I can directly attribute much of my team’s continued improvements in capability, enthusiasm, and success to our partnership with Lynne.

Andrew Chai, Director, Program Management Office at Omnicell

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