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Power-Coaching Program


This unique package allows you to receive targeted power-coaching with Lynne Snead. She is a veteran behavioral and axiological analyst, consultant, training specialist, speaker, bestselling author, and coach — and her unparalleled experience working with thousands of individuals over several decades means you will receive the most qualified, trusted, and focused coaching on the market today.

Your coaching engagement will begin with an objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, using our proven and scientifically validated performance assessments. During each session you will receive laser-targeted coaching, plus clear homework assignments to ensure you make concrete progress towards your developmental and performance goals.

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Leadership Development


Do you know the difference between a boss and a leader? Bosses achieve compliance through their designated authority. This compliance is oftentimes involuntary and marginal at best. By contrast, leaders inspire others to follow them and extract the highest levels of productivity, motivation, and loyalty therein. Our leadership development program charts a clear path for you to become a true leader, catalyzing significantly higher profitability along with a positive work environment.

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Team Training & Development


Even if you have the best of intentions, you may sometimes struggle with hiring, managing, and motivating your people. Being able to find and place the right people in the right roles, play to their strengths, and elevate communication across the board is no simple task. Fortunately, this is what we have been doing for decades now, and we have a proven system that we can help you implement to achieve peak performance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your team, group, or even your entire company to the next level.

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Executive Coaching

FOR Top Executives, Owners & Investors

When you are the key decision-maker, you are faced with a chronic shortage of time and are charged with making countless decisions every day — all of which tend to be urgent and important. What’s more, you are expected to maintain a friendly smile through it all, both at the office and at home, plus manage and direct people and operations at your business in increasingly effective ways. While most people in executive roles are already very smart and capable, you can reach even higher levels of business and personal success by implementing our proven strategies, which have been validated through decades of research in academia and in thousands of workplaces across the globe. If increasing your profitability and the effectiveness of your relationships interests you, schedule a consultation with Lynne to learn more today.

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Talent Selection


An abundance of research has shown traditional hiring methods are outdated, ineffective, and simply don’t work. If you are still relying on collecting hundreds of resumes from mostly unqualified applicants, dealing with high turnover rates, and are frustrated by continuing to spin your wheels — we have a guaranteed solution to elevate your hiring confidence and select the right people, every time. Our hiring assessments are legally compliant (unlike many others) and have been used to screen millions upon millions of applicants across the globe, leading to as high as 93% hiring confidence in some cases. The results speak for themselves. If you are ready to stop wasting your time on ineffective recruiting and hiring efforts, schedule your consultation with Lynne today to learn more about our proven hiring tools and methodology.

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